Why The World Loves Gaming

Why do we love gaming so much? While it’s not something which can be easily answered in one online eSports blog, it is something that the best and brightest of the land have been trying to delve into for some time. From the early days of Pong to today’s massive eSports arenas, gaming appeals to something in all of us. 

Gaming industry growth

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What was once considered exclusively the pursuit of teenage boys, the gaming industry continues to exceed all growth expectations every single year. In 2017, an industry already thought to have grown as much as it could, saw a 10.7% rise globally. To put it another way, the gaming industry made $116 billion last year.

Gaming furniture alone now caters to a broad demographic of people, from extensive collections of funky racer gaming chairs, to sleek, executive style office gaming chairs and desks. This market understands that gaming is popular amongst every type of person, male and female, young and old.

With channels such as Twitch available now, gaming also replaces common television pursuits. Rising viewership shows that just as many people are happy to watch others game from the comfort of their own gaming chair at home. 

The rise of eSports

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Newzoo, a gaming industry market researcher, carried out a study which found that gaming involving team play and rankings saw the biggest rise across all platforms and demographics. The study establishes that eSports will only continue to rise in popularity, and optimistically predicts competitive gaming could be worth $2.4 billion in 2020.

This trend is not set to stop any time soon, so marketing and advertising firms are very much taking note. Everyone wants in on the cash grab. Revenue from sponsorship reached approx. $260 million in 2017, with eSports advertising revenue reaching the $155 million mark, according to Newzoo.

With mammoth sports’ leagues like the NFL, MBL, and NBA still raking in the most revenue in the sporting world, advertisers are trying to capitalize on both by introducing eSports affiliated products. For example, you will find a full range of ergonomic, lumbar supported racer gaming chairs and rocker gaming chairs, all emblazoned with your favorite major league or college team logo. 

Gaming is good for you

Yes, you read that correctly: gaming is good for you. To be precise, gaming is good for the brain. 

If you won’t take our word for it, instead turn to a recently published article in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience. This study details how “rapid improvement in visual selective attention” was found after participants were exposed to just one hour of game play.

A group of scientists from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China took participants across all levels of gaming ability (from “expert” to “novice”) and had them play League of Legends for one hour. They found that all participants showed significant improvement in brain function, focus, ability to tune out distraction, and better all-round use of the organ. 

Interestingly, the EEG results showed far higher attention-related brain activity from the expert gamers from the offset, with inexperienced gamers scoring lower in pre-gaming tests. However, after just one hour of gaming, all groups scored very similar results. 

An important take-away here is that regular gaming will lead to more permanent improvements in brain function. So, pick up that controller, take a seat in your favorite gaming chair, boot up an FPS or PvP, and boost your brain 

Waxing During Pregnancy – Is It Safe?

Truth be told, pregnancy is an exciting time. The body is going through many changes.- changes that almost seem unnatural, especially if you are experiencing them for the first time. The changes are both emotional and physical. These changes are courtesy of the changes of the hormonal levels.

Some of the changes you might experience might include growing hair in unwanted places which can be all too embarrassing. And since pregnancy does not get rid of the need to look beautiful and sexy, a lady needs to find a way to get rid of the unwanted hair.

Growth of hair

When you are pregnant, your hormones will cause some changes to your body including your nail ad hair growth. The active growth cycle will tend to last longer. Your head hair might even grow thicker in the process.

Now while having a head full of thick hair sounds great for all ladies, hair growth unfortunately does not stop there. Hairs in the armpits, bikini line, pubic area and legs will also grow thicker.

In addition to this, there are high chances you may start seeing hairs in unusual places including your upper lip, lower back, chin and the line moving from your stomach to the pubic are as well as the nipples. Long story short, you will start to look manly with hair all over.

Good thing this excessive hair growth does not last forever. After giving birth, 6 months down the line, your nails and hair will start getting back to normal. But in the meantime, you should find a great way of getting rid of the hair. For this, waxing is recommended.


Using wax to get rid of the unsightly and unwanted hair can be done professionally at a spa or salon or even at the comfort of your home using your own waxing kit. However, before you present yourself for waxing, you should ensure that the hairs have grown to at least ½ inch. This allows the wax to stick better and yield even better results.

Now for waxing, there are two types of waxes; hard and soft wax. The soft wax type is normally spread out to a thin layer. A cloth strip is placed on the wax applied on the skin and then torn off in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Hard wax on the other hand is spread thick on the skin and then allowed to dry and harden. It is also referred to as painless wax. Why? Well, the wax causes far less pain than soft wax. The pain caused by hard wax beans is bearable. The wax sticks to the hairs and not so much on the skin. The fact that it does not stick on the skin makes it perfect for all types of skin and body areas including the bikini line as well as under the arms.


Now onto the question that has been burning right through you. is it safe to wax while pregnant? Yes, waxing during pregnancy is considered safe. However, given the special conditions, there are some precautions one needs to take. And precautions need to be adhered to whether you are waxing from a spa or salon or at the comfort of your home.

First, if you are waxing at a salon or spa, ensure the individual waxing is licensed and experienced. Also, be sure to note that the facility you visit does not reuse was or strips between the clients. Reusing the strips or applicators could lead to bacterial infections.

Also, if you have skin with a open cut, varicose veins, scar tissue, rashes, moles, pimples warts or acne medication, you should not go through with it.

As for home wax kits, ensure that they are pregnancy safe. While preparing the wax, ensure that the wax is not too hot on the skin. Test the wax before waxing.


Well there you have it. Pregnant women can also be beautiful and with smooth hairless skin. Sure you need to be slightly more cautious than most individuals, but it is safe nonetheless.

Keeping Your Clothes Safe and Clean

Every now and then, your clothes will require to be cleaned. Not only does it get rid of the dirt, it also helps them to regain their shine. The downside is, if not done the right way, it can cause your clothes to age faster and even worse getting damaged.

Keep clothes clean is more of an art and according to http://www.trocknerland.com/, here are some tips that you can use that can help you get clean clothes that are safe for you to wear and those that will last longer.

Dry on a leash or use a tumble dryer

If the weather allows and you have the space, the best way to dry clothes is by letting them dry outdoors on a clothes line. Using this method, you save on energy and the sun gives the clothes fresh scent without any side effects.

Alternatively, you can also use a clothes dryer. There are many options in the market. The best and the safest for your clothes is the tumble dryer. Drying using this kind of machine is ideal if you would like to wear the clothes on short notice, the weather outside is wet or, you don’t have the space to let the clothes dry outside. To help you save energy the best type of tumble dryer to use is the heat pump tumble dryer.

Choose the right settings

When using a tumble dryer, it is imperative that you use the right setting for the different types of clothes that you have. With appreciation to technology, most tumble dryers are capable of not only drying but have the capability to dry depending on the requirements of the fabric. This allows you to use even delicate fabrics like wool into the machine. Before inserting clothes into the dryer, it is important that you consider the preferences of each fabric. If possible, bundle the clothes together depending on the type of fabric that it has.

The degree of drying

Another important feature that tumble dryer have is the ability to select how dry you want your clothes to be. Ideally you would think that going for the highest setting is the best option. But, in most instances, you should opt for the ironing dry setting. This leaves some moisture in the fabric which makes ironing much easier and more time effective.

Have a good spin

There are two reasons why you should opt for a machine that has strong spin. The first is that it helps the clothes to dry faster and saves you a lot of energy. It is best to throw in the clothes when the dryer is at a high speed for even better results.

Fill the machine

When drying your clothes, it is best to have it done when there are plenty of clothes to be dried. The cost of drying just a handful of clothes makes it very expensive energy wise even with the most effective machines. When drying, try to fill the heat pump tumble dryer so you have many clothes drying at a go. This helps to keep the clothes safe and the drying process is also more efficient.

It is imperative to keep your clothes safe during the cleaning and drying process. If you would like to keep enjoying your favorite coat, learning how to do it safely is very important and these laundry room and drying tips should come in hand

Ingenious Ways to Add Life to Your Old Furniture


If you were living upcountry and recently relocated to the city, you probably brought with you old furniture to your new and modern house. If you are honest enough, you will admit that you have, at some point, thought of throwing them away and getting new furniture altogether for a fresh start. After all, a new home deserves new furniture, right? Well, not quite. They say old is gold. And clearly, given the fact that you have dragged your furniture to your new home, they have some sentimental value. You love your furniture, but you just do not know how to make them work for your new home – this is your problem. Good thing, you are reading this. Below are some tips to get you to fall in love with your furniture all over again.

Go local

It’s the little things that matter. Tweak your old furniture slightly to give them a refreshed and urbanized look. For your old chest, you can lacquer it in a crimson hue, or if you want to achieve a more elegant and stunning look, you could add a marble top (preferably a streaked marble top)

If you are going for a classy vintage look, you could pace old Peranakan tiles on top of that dresser. It will look daring and edgy. The contrast will be perfect, and everyone who sees it will want to know what you were on when you designed it.

Compliment them with new friends

Match up your new flings with your old ones. You will be astonished at how well they go together. It's like they were designed for each other. Plus think about it, new and old looks, contemporary and vintage styles – they create a perfect signature look that never fails. So instead of being cliché, go for a unique style and design courtesy of your old furniture.

Don't forget to tie the two styles together seamlessly. Work with texture, shape, color or motif. Just let your creativity run wild – thank me later.

Throw in some flowers


Flowers will brighten up any room and accentuate any furniture they are placed on or beside. Try matching the different blooms to the cushioning in the living room or the main painting on your walls.

A bowl of Mangosteen placed on the dining table may seem too simple but the effect it will have is highly sophisticated. Many people will think you majored in interior design. When they ask where you learned all this, direct them here.

Know when to let go

It’s important that you to know when to let go. When things have outlived their purpose, there is no need to string them along. Be of good courage and let them go. If you need that contemporary and vintage mix in your home but have got no furniture to pull it off, you can visit a local store dealing in old furniture or wait for a yard sale and pick out what you need. With the internet, you are bound to land something sooner or later and at a great price. You could sell your old furniture in the process.

History and Benefits of The Master Cleanse

Guys I'm taking a break from regular furniture blogging and wanted to talk about something that I deeply care about, researched into and I'd like everyone to know about.


We spend billions of dollars each year on a variety of diets, supplements, and books on dieting. In this article we will look at a diet that has been around for many years, the master cleanse diet.


History of the diet


The master cleanse diet, or lemonade diet as it is sometimes known was invented by Stanley Burroughs over 50 years ago, and the original diet was based on lemonade, Cayenne Pepper and Maple Syrup with no food to be eaten during the course of this diet. Its main aim was to detoxify the body, and restore health after an illness. Stanley Burroughs also felt it was beneficial for overweight people. Originally he thought that it should be followed for between 10 and 40 days however times have changed, and  in the master cleanse reviews relating to today’s diet it is now felt that between 3 and 10 days is more a more sensible timescale.


Benefits of the diet


In the master cleanse reviews I have read it claims to detoxify your body, help you lose weight, increase your energy and focus, clear your skin, and lift depression and clear acne. Let us look at some of these claims in a little more detail


Detoxification – It is claimed that up to 20 lbs or more of putrid fecal plaque, mucus and phlegm can built up in your body. This diet helps remove that.


Lose weight – Due to the nature of this diet, which is a form of fasting, it is stated that you will lose weight. I personally think, and this is reflected in various master cleanse reviews, that if you are not eating for between 3 and 10 days you will most certainly lose weight. I guess the trick is not to put it back on again.


Increased energy and focus – If you are constantly fatigued or tire easily it is said that by following this diet it will recharge your cells and vital organs.


Getting rid of acne – It is claimed that due to the really powerful detoxifying effect that this diet has on the body that it will help clear up acne.


After reading a lot of master cleanse reviews I sum up the 3 pro’s and con’s of the diet below.




The master cleanse diet is likely to rid your body of toxins.


The preparation of the drink is very straightforward and easy to make.


There are numerous web pages and user groups devoted to this diet as well as many master cleanse reviews that are helpful in explaining everything you will need to know.




This diet is not felt suitable for anyone with health problems.


It is generally felt that as this is an extreme detoxification program following it for more than 10 days could be damaging to your long term health.


This diet may not help you lose weight in the long term.


As I have mentioned there are enough master cleanse reviews available for you to go into information overload, but I guess what that is saying is that there really is interest, and genuine users out there who swear by its success.


Interior Design Trends Taking Over London

Just as the fashion world is taking a turn for the better, Interior design in London seems to be close on the heels and does not appear to be letting up. In the recent decades, it has been so drastic that most people are finding it hard to keep track of the changes in the field. Luckily they are all for the better, and they are helping to diversify how homes are looking and other interior spaces. Gone are the days that all homes had only one interior design trend to adhere to. It felt more like visiting a hospital where all the rooms and floors are the same. Now, you can enjoy a broad range of options, and some are quite unusual. Here are some of those that are tearing up English homes currently.


Grays and blacks might be starting to succumb to pressure, but neon colors are getting an upsurge and are becoming a highly preferred color choice for a lot of homes. They are being used to bold up pure white walls with an excellent collection of colors depending on the palette of the property owners. They seem to be doing precisely well with the open plan architecture and help to a sense of depth and likeability to the interior. The best thing about this emerging trend is it’s versatile that it has to offer both regarding color and how diversely it can be used even in the upholstery and furniture. It is one that you should be considering.



Traditional tiles

Back in the 19th century, patterned and geometric tiles were a common factor in most of the top tier houses and more so the Victorian properties. They were replaced by carpets and wood floors as home owners looked more taste intensive options. They are making a resurgence and with the added knowledge they are proving to be quite the compliment to modern taste. They have been mainly used to liven kitchens up and add a hint of decorative detail to the traditional bathrooms or even boost the welcoming feel of hallways. The best thing about this trend is that it is among the few that does not require you to take down your entire house or buy a new one to incorporate them.




You might have heard that architects are moving towards metal for construction. As opposed to the past where concrete was the most visible part of a building, metal is quickly becoming more dominant as architects and interior designers are finding ways to make it more attractive. It has slowly but surely crept indoors and not only are you able to enjoy its longevity but also the utter beauty and rustic feel it offers. You do not have to go all metal; you can also experiment with metallic shades that will give you an authentic and profound feel as well.



Other trends that seem to be picking up in recent times include the bold blues where different and brighter hues of blue are being used. It has that oceanic feeling, and if you are the wallpaper person, the floral prints and foliage are also making a splash currently, and you should try them out. A lot of higher end homes in London tend to incorporate American minimalist furniture designs such as these. There is so much happening in the interior design niche, but these will put you in the forefront.  

House Cleaning Tips For A More Productive You

Speaking about outsourcing, another thing we're admant about is reducing time wasters in order to increase productivity. One of which happens to be home cleaning. Imagine if you never had to clean again?! How much more stuff can you get done with all that time.. think about it! Like it or not though (unless you're balling out of control lol) we all HAVE to clean. Here are some cleaning tips to help you get the most done as quickly as possible.

 We are all trying to find ways to make house cleaning much easier. It is a task that a great deal of us would rather not tend to but then again, we do not have much of a choice. You can only call the house cleaning company to come in so many times but there are those tasks that you have to handle on your own. While it is at times a bitter pill to swallow having to get down and dirty to get a clean house, there are some great house cleaning tips and tricks that you could use to make it faster, easier and more fun.

Use a timer

Everyone loves the thought of being able to beat time. It is a worthy challenge that you can incorporate into your cleaning as well. Start by deciding how long you want to spend cleaning. Then divide your time into chunks depending on the complexity and how hard each task is. If you have a timed deadline to beat, you will tend to work harder and faster. Additionally, knowing that you will only spend a couple of minutes getting a chore you hate done, you will be more inspired to get it done.



Have a system in place

One of the best tricks that you can use when house cleaning is to have a cleaning pattern. It makes it easier to clean and you never miss a spot.  It is always a great idea to start every room from the furthest end and work your way to the door. It saves from having to carry all the dirt around and risk of dropping it on the areas that are already clean. Once you wrap your mind around your home cleaning system, it is going to be easier to clean knowing where to head next.


Keep Cleaning Supplies Within Reach

One of the best ways to combat those boring cleaning days and reduce the time that you have to spend cleaning the house is by cleaning on site. To make this easier you should stash your house cleaning supplies in different parts of the house to make sure that they are easy to access. It will greatly reduce on the amount of house cleaning that you have to do once you get down to it.





Squeegee the shower and the door

The bathroom has to be the one place that people hate cleaning the most. The soap scum and pieces of hair can be quite a disgusting scene. However, by using a squeegee on your door and wall of the shower after use, you can save yourself the hustle of battling soap scam when it’s cleaning time. It is also a great idea to leave the door open to allow for better aeration. After all, it’s not any fun cleaning a place flocked with mildew.



Put your mind into it

Put the phone down. Even better, switch it off as well as any other appliance that might be a distraction. If you put your mind into it, you will be able to complete cleaning your house faster and do a better a job.

These house cleaning tips and tricks can make an otherwise boring cleaning exercise fun and more doable. Not only do these tricks make it easier for you to go about your cleaning but also ensure that you do not compromise on the results that you are able to enjoy.

Local SEO Express – Our Review

As you may already know, we're located in beautiful Bournemouth, England and being in Bournemouth, it was important for us to drive visitors to our blog and be seen on search engines. I've recently had the opportunity to speak with and hire Local SEO Express, a Bournemouth SEO company.

After I launched London Class War I initially wanted to stray away from politics and blog more about things that unite us like art and modern furniture & decor and share my passion with the world but I knew I needed a lot more search engine traffic

What I did was google "SEO Bournemouth". I wanted a local SEO company to help me work my way to the top of google for my niche. The problem was, there was quite a few and I was not sure which would work for me. My web designer referred me to Local SEO Express since he had dealt with them before and since I did not want to waste time second guessing myself, I gave them a call hoping for the best.

A soft spoken voice picked up the phone and considering this was my first time, I had no clue what I wanted so I expected her to run out of patience and disconnect the line at any time. Surprisingly, she did not. But that was just the beginning of my marvelous journey.

Noting her patience, I blasted her away with questions. Her name was Sarah by the way. Remembering her name is the least I can do after all the trouble I put her through. She calmly and cheerfully helped me understand what I was looking for in an SEO company and what would work best for my new blog and went ahead to let me know what they would do to help 

Of all the customer care reps I have ever talk to, if they are not trying to get rid of you, they are trying to shove something down your throat. This was not the case. I felt like I was getting solid advice from a good friend.

 A few days later, I called back, unfortunately she did not pick up but the gentleman was equally helpful. I have not really grown to trust virtual business so I asked for a face to face meeting. Even though I was on time, James who told me he was assigned to work on my project had already arrived. We exchanged pleasantries then started. What I liked most has to be the way he suggested ideas.

It was cordial and optional. I did not feel the pressure to say yes. He elaborated on the results each tactic would have and a bit of how it’s done. After it was settled and done, I decided this Local SEO Express company was it for me.

I gave them everything they needed and the work started. They were nice enough to suggest tools that I could use to supervise them and the progress of the page in-terms of new views and all those other logistics. You would think that the company would have taken advantage of my lack of information to make a quick buck. They didn’t.

When the period of the contract ended and their work was done, James, from the SEO Bournemouth company took the time to come around my office and share some of the tips and tricks I could use to improve or maintain the rankings on my page. I still call him occasionally for direction and he never disappoints.

The best thing about this Local SEO Express is, instead of taking a blanket approach, they have taken a personal feel and dedicate a professional to attend to you and your specific needs. This to me was like a gem. The experience was humbling and I consider myself lucky to have come across such a professional SEO firm who actually know what they're doing. In no time I expect my blog's traffic and views to dramatically increase. If you're looking for a local firm in Bournemouth, I'd highly recommend Local SEO Express!

Help Your Furniture Age Gracefully

For most people, furniture is more than just pieces that makes a home complete. There is a fond and unexplainable attachment to them. While it is impossible for the furniture to feel how much you love and appreciate them, you can show other people. After all, with all that service, you do owe them that much. That aside, most furniture will have two primary aspects. Wood and leather or some other form of material. It is how they have been made for thousands of years. Surprisingly, you do not want your furniture to look that old. So, here are some great ways that you can use to take care of your furniture and watch it age gracefully.

Dump and dust frequently.

It would be unfathomable for one to think that such a simple task would add value and life to your furniture. Well it does! Unfortunately, you share one similarity with dust even though it is a hard pill to swallow. The love for your furniture! Only that the dust destroys the whole elegant look and feel. For this, you need to have a clean, soft and damp piece of cloth. Do not make it too wet or spray the wood directly with water as it does not respond very well to water. At least once a week, give your furniture a thorough wipe down to retain its elegant look. It’s not a great idea to always use commercial dusting sprays as they slowly evolve into a foggy residue that can be quite the turn off.


Keep the shine bustling.

As much as you try to take care of your furniture, time and aspects of weather will eventually reign supreme. The shine might turn dull and a couple of scratches might appear overtime. By using wood friendly wax or polish, you will not only be able to restore the shine but the glory of your furniture as well. Always make sure that you follow the instructions as they appear on the product strictly for the best results. While at it, you can get creative and create more interesting pieces.


For your Leather and other materials.

Ideally, most of your furniture will have either leather or some other kind of material. This needs equal care and loving as well.

If this happens to be leather, you should know that uncoated leather like suede easily stains so it requires more care. Play it safe by using some commercial sprays that make it more resistant to spills. Better prevention than having to scrub out the stains which happen to be quite stubborn.

Leather and other materials should also be dusted every once in a while to ensure they are clean and free from dust. You can also use a vacuum on some of the materials but not on leather.

The heat from the vacuum could cause the leather to become brittle and lose its shine. Even worse, because it is very sensitive to heat, it could end up damaged. Equally important is to make sure that any furniture that has leather is kept away from direct sunlight.

Of course, it would not hurt to show some tenderness to your leather accented furniture by applying a mild conditioner or leather cream to the leather part as you recoat the finishing on the wood part. You can see what a difference this can make.

Your love for your furniture should not be told but rather shown. By using these tips, you are in a great position to show this. Just remember, if you are not very sure about something, you might want to consider calling in a professional. Especially with the repairs. After all, it is more economical to pay for the service than replace your furniture and all the memories it had.


Classy Fine Dining

Classy and Contemporary

FineDining3If you like a fusion of both classy and contemporary dining space with minimalistic style, then consider a dining room that has a largely black and white palate such as the ones I found at this company. Monochromatic backdrops enhance the minimal appeal of a space and instantly lend a sense of sophistication. While you might cut back on color, you can still make the space exciting with color accents through wall art and smart lighting options. A cascading chandelier or an oversized pendant light can also enhance the minimal dining space without detracting from classy sophistication.


Remember that a minimal dining room is not just about picking a futuristic, sleek dining table and chairs. Minimalism is the art of cultivating more from less and requires the discipline to cut out any excesses from your existing dining room. The unnecessary decorations, the ornate patterns and other frills that distract from the main purpose of the room need to be sacrificed. Only the bare essentials should be accommodated.

Elegant Greys and Neutrals

The charm of gray is something that that has stood the test of time and trends; and the world of interior design has FineDining2fully tapped into the potential of this hot neutral in the last few years. Gray is the ‘go to’ color for designers and homeowners across the globe these days, and it has definitely replaced the white and beige trend of the 90s and early 2000s. What was initially dubbed a passing fad has now turned into a lasting ‘style statement’, which has joined the ranks of what is considered as classy and sophisticated.

The many versatile shades of gray ensure that you can easily use it as both a soothing, neutral backdrop and a stylish, dark hue that highlights the architectural features of your choice in the dining room. Many homeowners prefer a tone-on-tone approach to gray, as it is easy to work with, gives the room visual intrigue and breaks away from monotony. Picking a shade of gray for your dining room depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the space, the available natural light, and even the climate of the city you live in. The adventure of a grey dining room is definitely the way to go in 2015.