Classy Fine Dining

Classy and Contemporary

FineDining3If you like a fusion of both classy and contemporary dining space with minimalistic style, then consider a dining room that has a largely black and white palate such as the ones I found at this company. Monochromatic backdrops enhance the minimal appeal of a space and instantly lend a sense of sophistication. While you might cut back on color, you can still make the space exciting with color accents through wall art and smart lighting options. A cascading chandelier or an oversized pendant light can also enhance the minimal dining space without detracting from classy sophistication.


Remember that a minimal dining room is not just about picking a futuristic, sleek dining table and chairs. Minimalism is the art of cultivating more from less and requires the discipline to cut out any excesses from your existing dining room. The unnecessary decorations, the ornate patterns and other frills that distract from the main purpose of the room need to be sacrificed. Only the bare essentials should be accommodated.

Elegant Greys and Neutrals

The charm of gray is something that that has stood the test of time and trends; and the world of interior design has FineDining2fully tapped into the potential of this hot neutral in the last few years. Gray is the ‘go to’ color for designers and homeowners across the globe these days, and it has definitely replaced the white and beige trend of the 90s and early 2000s. What was initially dubbed a passing fad has now turned into a lasting ‘style statement’, which has joined the ranks of what is considered as classy and sophisticated.

The many versatile shades of gray ensure that you can easily use it as both a soothing, neutral backdrop and a stylish, dark hue that highlights the architectural features of your choice in the dining room. Many homeowners prefer a tone-on-tone approach to gray, as it is easy to work with, gives the room visual intrigue and breaks away from monotony. Picking a shade of gray for your dining room depends on a variety of factors, including the size of the space, the available natural light, and even the climate of the city you live in. The adventure of a grey dining room is definitely the way to go in 2015.


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