Help Your Furniture Age Gracefully

For most people, furniture is more than just pieces that makes a home complete. There is a fond and unexplainable attachment to them. While it is impossible for the furniture to feel how much you love and appreciate them, you can show other people. After all, with all that service, you do owe them that much. That aside, most furniture will have two primary aspects. Wood and leather or some other form of material. It is how they have been made for thousands of years. Surprisingly, you do not want your furniture to look that old. So, here are some great ways that you can use to take care of your furniture and watch it age gracefully.

Dump and dust frequently.

It would be unfathomable for one to think that such a simple task would add value and life to your furniture. Well it does! Unfortunately, you share one similarity with dust even though it is a hard pill to swallow. The love for your furniture! Only that the dust destroys the whole elegant look and feel. For this, you need to have a clean, soft and damp piece of cloth. Do not make it too wet or spray the wood directly with water as it does not respond very well to water. At least once a week, give your furniture a thorough wipe down to retain its elegant look. It’s not a great idea to always use commercial dusting sprays as they slowly evolve into a foggy residue that can be quite the turn off.


Keep the shine bustling.

As much as you try to take care of your furniture, time and aspects of weather will eventually reign supreme. The shine might turn dull and a couple of scratches might appear overtime. By using wood friendly wax or polish, you will not only be able to restore the shine but the glory of your furniture as well. Always make sure that you follow the instructions as they appear on the product strictly for the best results. While at it, you can get creative and create more interesting pieces.


For your Leather and other materials.

Ideally, most of your furniture will have either leather or some other kind of material. This needs equal care and loving as well.

If this happens to be leather, you should know that uncoated leather like suede easily stains so it requires more care. Play it safe by using some commercial sprays that make it more resistant to spills. Better prevention than having to scrub out the stains which happen to be quite stubborn.

Leather and other materials should also be dusted every once in a while to ensure they are clean and free from dust. You can also use a vacuum on some of the materials but not on leather.

The heat from the vacuum could cause the leather to become brittle and lose its shine. Even worse, because it is very sensitive to heat, it could end up damaged. Equally important is to make sure that any furniture that has leather is kept away from direct sunlight.

Of course, it would not hurt to show some tenderness to your leather accented furniture by applying a mild conditioner or leather cream to the leather part as you recoat the finishing on the wood part. You can see what a difference this can make.

Your love for your furniture should not be told but rather shown. By using these tips, you are in a great position to show this. Just remember, if you are not very sure about something, you might want to consider calling in a professional. Especially with the repairs. After all, it is more economical to pay for the service than replace your furniture and all the memories it had.


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