History and Benefits of The Master Cleanse

Guys I'm taking a break from regular furniture blogging and wanted to talk about something that I deeply care about, researched into and I'd like everyone to know about.


We spend billions of dollars each year on a variety of diets, supplements, and books on dieting. In this article we will look at a diet that has been around for many years, the master cleanse diet.


History of the diet


The master cleanse diet, or lemonade diet as it is sometimes known was invented by Stanley Burroughs over 50 years ago, and the original diet was based on lemonade, Cayenne Pepper and Maple Syrup with no food to be eaten during the course of this diet. Its main aim was to detoxify the body, and restore health after an illness. Stanley Burroughs also felt it was beneficial for overweight people. Originally he thought that it should be followed for between 10 and 40 days however times have changed, and  in the master cleanse reviews relating to today’s diet it is now felt that between 3 and 10 days is more a more sensible timescale.


Benefits of the diet


In the master cleanse reviews I have read it claims to detoxify your body, help you lose weight, increase your energy and focus, clear your skin, and lift depression and clear acne. Let us look at some of these claims in a little more detail


Detoxification – It is claimed that up to 20 lbs or more of putrid fecal plaque, mucus and phlegm can built up in your body. This diet helps remove that.


Lose weight – Due to the nature of this diet, which is a form of fasting, it is stated that you will lose weight. I personally think, and this is reflected in various master cleanse reviews, that if you are not eating for between 3 and 10 days you will most certainly lose weight. I guess the trick is not to put it back on again.


Increased energy and focus – If you are constantly fatigued or tire easily it is said that by following this diet it will recharge your cells and vital organs.


Getting rid of acne – It is claimed that due to the really powerful detoxifying effect that this diet has on the body that it will help clear up acne.


After reading a lot of master cleanse reviews I sum up the 3 pro’s and con’s of the diet below.




The master cleanse diet is likely to rid your body of toxins.


The preparation of the drink is very straightforward and easy to make.


There are numerous web pages and user groups devoted to this diet as well as many master cleanse reviews that are helpful in explaining everything you will need to know.




This diet is not felt suitable for anyone with health problems.


It is generally felt that as this is an extreme detoxification program following it for more than 10 days could be damaging to your long term health.


This diet may not help you lose weight in the long term.


As I have mentioned there are enough master cleanse reviews available for you to go into information overload, but I guess what that is saying is that there really is interest, and genuine users out there who swear by its success.


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