House Cleaning Tips For A More Productive You

Speaking about outsourcing, another thing we're admant about is reducing time wasters in order to increase productivity. One of which happens to be home cleaning. Imagine if you never had to clean again?! How much more stuff can you get done with all that time.. think about it! Like it or not though (unless you're balling out of control lol) we all HAVE to clean. Here are some cleaning tips to help you get the most done as quickly as possible.

 We are all trying to find ways to make house cleaning much easier. It is a task that a great deal of us would rather not tend to but then again, we do not have much of a choice. You can only call the house cleaning company to come in so many times but there are those tasks that you have to handle on your own. While it is at times a bitter pill to swallow having to get down and dirty to get a clean house, there are some great house cleaning tips and tricks that you could use to make it faster, easier and more fun.

Use a timer

Everyone loves the thought of being able to beat time. It is a worthy challenge that you can incorporate into your cleaning as well. Start by deciding how long you want to spend cleaning. Then divide your time into chunks depending on the complexity and how hard each task is. If you have a timed deadline to beat, you will tend to work harder and faster. Additionally, knowing that you will only spend a couple of minutes getting a chore you hate done, you will be more inspired to get it done.



Have a system in place

One of the best tricks that you can use when house cleaning is to have a cleaning pattern. It makes it easier to clean and you never miss a spot.  It is always a great idea to start every room from the furthest end and work your way to the door. It saves from having to carry all the dirt around and risk of dropping it on the areas that are already clean. Once you wrap your mind around your home cleaning system, it is going to be easier to clean knowing where to head next.


Keep Cleaning Supplies Within Reach

One of the best ways to combat those boring cleaning days and reduce the time that you have to spend cleaning the house is by cleaning on site. To make this easier you should stash your house cleaning supplies in different parts of the house to make sure that they are easy to access. It will greatly reduce on the amount of house cleaning that you have to do once you get down to it.





Squeegee the shower and the door

The bathroom has to be the one place that people hate cleaning the most. The soap scum and pieces of hair can be quite a disgusting scene. However, by using a squeegee on your door and wall of the shower after use, you can save yourself the hustle of battling soap scam when it’s cleaning time. It is also a great idea to leave the door open to allow for better aeration. After all, it’s not any fun cleaning a place flocked with mildew.



Put your mind into it

Put the phone down. Even better, switch it off as well as any other appliance that might be a distraction. If you put your mind into it, you will be able to complete cleaning your house faster and do a better a job.

These house cleaning tips and tricks can make an otherwise boring cleaning exercise fun and more doable. Not only do these tricks make it easier for you to go about your cleaning but also ensure that you do not compromise on the results that you are able to enjoy.

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