Ingenious Ways to Add Life to Your Old Furniture


If you were living upcountry and recently relocated to the city, you probably brought with you old furniture to your new and modern house. If you are honest enough, you will admit that you have, at some point, thought of throwing them away and getting new furniture altogether for a fresh start. After all, a new home deserves new furniture, right? Well, not quite. They say old is gold. And clearly, given the fact that you have dragged your furniture to your new home, they have some sentimental value. You love your furniture, but you just do not know how to make them work for your new home – this is your problem. Good thing, you are reading this. Below are some tips to get you to fall in love with your furniture all over again.

Go local

It’s the little things that matter. Tweak your old furniture slightly to give them a refreshed and urbanized look. For your old chest, you can lacquer it in a crimson hue, or if you want to achieve a more elegant and stunning look, you could add a marble top (preferably a streaked marble top)

If you are going for a classy vintage look, you could pace old Peranakan tiles on top of that dresser. It will look daring and edgy. The contrast will be perfect, and everyone who sees it will want to know what you were on when you designed it.

Compliment them with new friends

Match up your new flings with your old ones. You will be astonished at how well they go together. It's like they were designed for each other. Plus think about it, new and old looks, contemporary and vintage styles – they create a perfect signature look that never fails. So instead of being cliché, go for a unique style and design courtesy of your old furniture.

Don't forget to tie the two styles together seamlessly. Work with texture, shape, color or motif. Just let your creativity run wild – thank me later.

Throw in some flowers


Flowers will brighten up any room and accentuate any furniture they are placed on or beside. Try matching the different blooms to the cushioning in the living room or the main painting on your walls.

A bowl of Mangosteen placed on the dining table may seem too simple but the effect it will have is highly sophisticated. Many people will think you majored in interior design. When they ask where you learned all this, direct them here.

Know when to let go

It’s important that you to know when to let go. When things have outlived their purpose, there is no need to string them along. Be of good courage and let them go. If you need that contemporary and vintage mix in your home but have got no furniture to pull it off, you can visit a local store dealing in old furniture or wait for a yard sale and pick out what you need. With the internet, you are bound to land something sooner or later and at a great price. You could sell your old furniture in the process.

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