Interior Design Trends Taking Over London

Just as the fashion world is taking a turn for the better, Interior design in London seems to be close on the heels and does not appear to be letting up. In the recent decades, it has been so drastic that most people are finding it hard to keep track of the changes in the field. Luckily they are all for the better, and they are helping to diversify how homes are looking and other interior spaces. Gone are the days that all homes had only one interior design trend to adhere to. It felt more like visiting a hospital where all the rooms and floors are the same. Now, you can enjoy a broad range of options, and some are quite unusual. Here are some of those that are tearing up English homes currently.


Grays and blacks might be starting to succumb to pressure, but neon colors are getting an upsurge and are becoming a highly preferred color choice for a lot of homes. They are being used to bold up pure white walls with an excellent collection of colors depending on the palette of the property owners. They seem to be doing precisely well with the open plan architecture and help to a sense of depth and likeability to the interior. The best thing about this emerging trend is it’s versatile that it has to offer both regarding color and how diversely it can be used even in the upholstery and furniture. It is one that you should be considering.



Traditional tiles

Back in the 19th century, patterned and geometric tiles were a common factor in most of the top tier houses and more so the Victorian properties. They were replaced by carpets and wood floors as home owners looked more taste intensive options. They are making a resurgence and with the added knowledge they are proving to be quite the compliment to modern taste. They have been mainly used to liven kitchens up and add a hint of decorative detail to the traditional bathrooms or even boost the welcoming feel of hallways. The best thing about this trend is that it is among the few that does not require you to take down your entire house or buy a new one to incorporate them.




You might have heard that architects are moving towards metal for construction. As opposed to the past where concrete was the most visible part of a building, metal is quickly becoming more dominant as architects and interior designers are finding ways to make it more attractive. It has slowly but surely crept indoors and not only are you able to enjoy its longevity but also the utter beauty and rustic feel it offers. You do not have to go all metal; you can also experiment with metallic shades that will give you an authentic and profound feel as well.



Other trends that seem to be picking up in recent times include the bold blues where different and brighter hues of blue are being used. It has that oceanic feeling, and if you are the wallpaper person, the floral prints and foliage are also making a splash currently, and you should try them out. A lot of higher end homes in London tend to incorporate American minimalist furniture designs such as these. There is so much happening in the interior design niche, but these will put you in the forefront.  

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