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As you may already know, we're located in beautiful Bournemouth, England and being in Bournemouth, it was important for us to drive visitors to our blog and be seen on search engines. I've recently had the opportunity to speak with and hire Local SEO Express, a Bournemouth SEO company.

After I launched London Class War I initially wanted to stray away from politics and blog more about things that unite us like art and modern furniture & decor and share my passion with the world but I knew I needed a lot more search engine traffic

What I did was google "SEO Bournemouth". I wanted a local SEO company to help me work my way to the top of google for my niche. The problem was, there was quite a few and I was not sure which would work for me. My web designer referred me to Local SEO Express since he had dealt with them before and since I did not want to waste time second guessing myself, I gave them a call hoping for the best.

A soft spoken voice picked up the phone and considering this was my first time, I had no clue what I wanted so I expected her to run out of patience and disconnect the line at any time. Surprisingly, she did not. But that was just the beginning of my marvelous journey.

Noting her patience, I blasted her away with questions. Her name was Sarah by the way. Remembering her name is the least I can do after all the trouble I put her through. She calmly and cheerfully helped me understand what I was looking for in an SEO company and what would work best for my new blog and went ahead to let me know what they would do to help 

Of all the customer care reps I have ever talk to, if they are not trying to get rid of you, they are trying to shove something down your throat. This was not the case. I felt like I was getting solid advice from a good friend.

 A few days later, I called back, unfortunately she did not pick up but the gentleman was equally helpful. I have not really grown to trust virtual business so I asked for a face to face meeting. Even though I was on time, James who told me he was assigned to work on my project had already arrived. We exchanged pleasantries then started. What I liked most has to be the way he suggested ideas.

It was cordial and optional. I did not feel the pressure to say yes. He elaborated on the results each tactic would have and a bit of how it’s done. After it was settled and done, I decided this Local SEO Express company was it for me.

I gave them everything they needed and the work started. They were nice enough to suggest tools that I could use to supervise them and the progress of the page in-terms of new views and all those other logistics. You would think that the company would have taken advantage of my lack of information to make a quick buck. They didn’t.

When the period of the contract ended and their work was done, James, from the SEO Bournemouth company took the time to come around my office and share some of the tips and tricks I could use to improve or maintain the rankings on my page. I still call him occasionally for direction and he never disappoints.

The best thing about this Local SEO Express is, instead of taking a blanket approach, they have taken a personal feel and dedicate a professional to attend to you and your specific needs. This to me was like a gem. The experience was humbling and I consider myself lucky to have come across such a professional SEO firm who actually know what they're doing. In no time I expect my blog's traffic and views to dramatically increase. If you're looking for a local firm in Bournemouth, I'd highly recommend Local SEO Express!

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