Preventable damage refers to events or conditions that one can avoid in order to keep furniture safe. Furniture damage takes different forms but careless handling by user still stands as the major threat their safety. Furniture is part of everyone’s daily life and should therefore be prevented from certain damages if at all they are to last long enough. Almost every individual likes to have a neat and well decorated home or office but a good number forget that the pieces of furniture also need to be taken care of. Preventable damages include poor transportation, a poor environment and careless maintenance or handling of furniture.

Poor Environment


Environment basically entails the existing condition of the pieces of furniture. Although the best environmental condition for a piece of furniture is most the times used to describe the caretaker’s ideal place for them, the well being of the furniture must also be considered. According to experts, there is never an ideal condition to place the furniture as it all depends on the type of material used in making the furniture. Factors such as temperature, light and humidity play a massive role when it comes to an ideal environmental condition for furniture.

Among all the environmental factors, light remains as the easiest condition to deal with, yet it continues to destroy furniture in homes or offices. Most of the furniture surfaces are easily destroyed by constant exposure to direct sunlight. Getting rid of such damages is quite simple as it only takes a curtain or window shade to keep the pieces of furniture safe. One also has the option of keeping the pieces of furniture in darkness whenever he or she is not using them.


According to experts, the environmental factor that poses a great threat to furniture is humidity. This is because wood that is used to make the pieces of furniture easily absorbs water via humidity, thereby causing them to shrink and swell. The changes in pressure make certain parts of the furniture to loosen and in the process weaken the entire furniture. A relatively low temperature raises the humidity of a given place therefore the modern heating systems can come in handy in controlling room temperature.


Biopredation is also an environmental problem that experts think has always been overlooked by many. Most pieces of wood are easily destroyed by insect infestation, micro-organisms and certain animals. If not attended to, these factors are capable of massive destruction of furniture. One therefore has to know the conditions leads to these factors and stop it with immediate effect. Fungi and mildew for instance, are common during humid conditions and therefore one has to find an expert opinion on to stop them from destroying his or her pieces of furniture. Rodents destroy furniture in search of food, therefore one is encouraged to clean up after eating or rather avoid eating on sofas at all costs.




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