Tips to Steampunk Your Home

Even though steampunk has become very popular in the recent past, the steampunk lifestyle has not be fully embraced. Most enthusiasts, while very able with their steampunk costumes, are not able to transfer the creativity to their homes and living space. This is the case because most people don’t know how to get around the design and even worse, getting good furniture, curtains and accessories that blend well with your home can be hard. But with the tips you’re about to get, you will not only be able to make an impression at steampunk events but also in your home.

Use muted natural colors

You have to understand the colors that work best to bring out the steampunk appeal. These include cream, black, dark red, dark green and brown. You can choose to have a theme of one dominant color or mix them up depending on what you want the room to look like. To add more depth to the combination you can also throw in some metallic colors which would work great. The aim is to have just enough blend and not too much that the room ends up looking and feeling confusing.


Feel free to use refurbished furniture

Usually, this is a cost cutting measure. But, in this case, the old furniture will actually throw in some special charm to the home. If you want to nail that steampunk interior, buying new furniture will only dent your goals and your pocket. Instead, invest in used furniture. If you have to buy new, make sure that you choose those that are from a particular Victorian age. They will be easier to work into the room and will require less work to have the steampunk appeal, texture and look.

Let the bricks be seen!

Save yourself the business of having to look for the best paint or even an interior designer. To give your home that industrial feeling and look, showcase the exposed brick walls. If your home is not lucky enough to be made from bricks a good wall paper with a similar design could help you achieve the perfect look. Run down bricks would look even better.

Use old maps as decorations

Whether you frame them or plaster them across the wall, old maps are a great addition to steampunking your home out. If you want to get a little creative, you can also use the old maps to decorate the lampshades. Don’t worry if the maps are too old. In fact, the older the better. If you can get enough old maps, they could even save you from having to buy wall papers. In this case, the older the maps the better.

Break out with a terrestrial globe

In case you don’t already have one, you will have to buy one. It is the ultimate centrepiece to any room. You should make sure that you it is old and used when buying it. Even though it might not look like it, this is going to be one of the most popular items in your home.

There are tens of other ways that you can use to give your home that steampunk effect. Some of these are as simple as exposing leather seats and furniture and other as complex as hanging gear clocks on the wall. Nevertheless, with each of the little steps you make, you get that much closer to making your home a steampunk paradise.

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