Waxing During Pregnancy – Is It Safe?

Truth be told, pregnancy is an exciting time. The body is going through many changes.- changes that almost seem unnatural, especially if you are experiencing them for the first time. The changes are both emotional and physical. These changes are courtesy of the changes of the hormonal levels.

Some of the changes you might experience might include growing hair in unwanted places which can be all too embarrassing. And since pregnancy does not get rid of the need to look beautiful and sexy, a lady needs to find a way to get rid of the unwanted hair.

Growth of hair

When you are pregnant, your hormones will cause some changes to your body including your nail ad hair growth. The active growth cycle will tend to last longer. Your head hair might even grow thicker in the process.

Now while having a head full of thick hair sounds great for all ladies, hair growth unfortunately does not stop there. Hairs in the armpits, bikini line, pubic area and legs will also grow thicker.

In addition to this, there are high chances you may start seeing hairs in unusual places including your upper lip, lower back, chin and the line moving from your stomach to the pubic are as well as the nipples. Long story short, you will start to look manly with hair all over.

Good thing this excessive hair growth does not last forever. After giving birth, 6 months down the line, your nails and hair will start getting back to normal. But in the meantime, you should find a great way of getting rid of the hair. For this, waxing is recommended.


Using wax to get rid of the unsightly and unwanted hair can be done professionally at a spa or salon or even at the comfort of your home using your own waxing kit. However, before you present yourself for waxing, you should ensure that the hairs have grown to at least ½ inch. This allows the wax to stick better and yield even better results.

Now for waxing, there are two types of waxes; hard and soft wax. The soft wax type is normally spread out to a thin layer. A cloth strip is placed on the wax applied on the skin and then torn off in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Hard wax on the other hand is spread thick on the skin and then allowed to dry and harden. It is also referred to as painless wax. Why? Well, the wax causes far less pain than soft wax. The pain caused by hard wax beans is bearable. The wax sticks to the hairs and not so much on the skin. The fact that it does not stick on the skin makes it perfect for all types of skin and body areas including the bikini line as well as under the arms.


Now onto the question that has been burning right through you. is it safe to wax while pregnant? Yes, waxing during pregnancy is considered safe. However, given the special conditions, there are some precautions one needs to take. And precautions need to be adhered to whether you are waxing from a spa or salon or at the comfort of your home.

First, if you are waxing at a salon or spa, ensure the individual waxing is licensed and experienced. Also, be sure to note that the facility you visit does not reuse was or strips between the clients. Reusing the strips or applicators could lead to bacterial infections.

Also, if you have skin with a open cut, varicose veins, scar tissue, rashes, moles, pimples warts or acne medication, you should not go through with it.

As for home wax kits, ensure that they are pregnancy safe. While preparing the wax, ensure that the wax is not too hot on the skin. Test the wax before waxing.


Well there you have it. Pregnant women can also be beautiful and with smooth hairless skin. Sure you need to be slightly more cautious than most individuals, but it is safe nonetheless.

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